Small Groups

Contemplative Fire is a dispersed community that meets in homes, churches, any attractive space or even out-of-doors.   We meet frequently in small groups for times of deep listening to each other, to scripture, to contemplative texts, and trustfully to God.

Our small groups vary from meditation to study, to food and fellowship times.  Each one is woven with times of stillness, respectful listening and spaciousness.

Finding Stillness

Bored and busy? Feeling fragmented?

Wanting to slow down? Seeking depth and meaning?

Come to a quiet space and learn an ancient Christian meditation practice. You will have the opportunity to explore the ancient Christian practice of meditation. Expect a time of stillness in meditation and discussion of contemplative prayer. An Ecumenical group.

When the Contemplative Fire community was birthed in the UK they crafted a few distinctive ways for the community to gather in small groups. The groups always follow the Vision and Values of Contemplative Fire emphasizing the counter cultural contemplative way of deep listening to one another and authentic sharing. One of the small group patterns that they created is called Open Circle.

Open Circle is a monthly contemplative study group designed to have openness to new people, new ideas and the Spirit of God and held together in a circle by common desire to wrestle with ideas and grow spiritually. In these groups you’ll find space to explore questions, times of silence, and learn how to listen to a text with your heart and hopefully other members as well. Each group decides what they will study – traditional contemplative authors, mystics, or maybe a new writer.

Deep Listening is a Gift to Others. While voicing our opinion or offering advice, especially when these things are asked of us, is a vital part of human communication, there are times when refraining from offering these things and simply deeply listening to someone can be powerful for both speaker and listener.

Deep Listening groups within our community are usually triads that meet monthly.  They have a gentle form that holds their listening time together.  People may share freely from their own lives, or the group may set the intention to focus on spiritual growth sharing.