Reading List

This reading list has been compiled to help our Companions on the Way explore intentionally the contemplative life in action. We have attempted to keep it short, simple and comprised of books that are available and accessible. A deeper and more challenging list will be developed in a second stage.

An Introduction to Contemplative Living

Laird, Martin: Into the Silent Land

  • From a scholar an accessible introduction to the broad contemplative tradition

Taylor, Brian: Becoming Christ – Transformation through Contemplation

  • Contemplative prayer as a pathway to spiritual healing and transformation. Comprehensive and practical for individuals and groups

Hauser, Richard: Moving in the Spirit – Becoming a Contemplative in Action

  • Practical manual for recognizing and responding to the Spirit in daily life.

Benner, David: Surrender to Love

  • Captures the heart of contemplative living

Merton, Thomas: New Seeds of Contemplation

  • Essays that capture the heart of contemplative life

 Still Waters

Aids to our exploration and experience of prayer.

Keating, Thomas: Open Mind, Open Heart

  • Introduction to Centring Prayer

Main, John: Word into Silence

  • Introduction to Christian Meditation

Bourgeault, Cynthia: Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening

  • Introduction to Centring prayer, classic tradition of Christian contemplation and the power of transformation.

Silf, Margaret: Inner Compass – An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality

  • Ignatian principles presented with contemporary illustrations and prayer exercise

Gallagher, Timothy: An Ignatian Introduction to Prayer, The Examen Prayer, Meditation and Contemplation, The Discernment of the Spirits

  • Covers the basics of Ignatian prayer

Biehl, Cheryl: Scriptural Meditation

  • Introduction to scriptural meditation and journaling

Foster, Richard, Prayer.

  • A selection of a variety of ways to pray

Merrill, Nan, Psalms for Praying

  • A re-writing of the psalms with contemplative language and theology

The Learning Journey

Aids to our exploration of Patristic, Monastic, Celtic, Orthodox, and Mystic traditions.

Clement, Olivier: The Roots of Christian Mysticism

  • Texts from the Patristic era with commentary

McColman, Carl: The Big Book of Christian Mysticism

  • Historical, practical, inherently mystical – a first rate overview of Christian mysticism

Swan, Laura: The Forgotten Desert Mothers

  • Sayings, lives, and stories of early Christian women

Bradley, Ian: The Celtic Way

  • Opens up Celtic history, faith and continuous legacy.

Ware, Bishop Kallistos: The Orthodox Way

  • A general account of the doctrine, worship and life of Orthodox Christians

Bodo, Murray: Francis – The Journey and the Dream

  • Story of St. Francis and Franciscans in short devotional stories

Flinders, Carol Lee: Enduring Grace

  • Portraits of seven women mystics

Across the Threshold

Aids to discovering the movement of the Spirit in our calling to compassionate living.

McLaren, Brian: Everything Must Change

  • What are the main issues in the world? How would Jesus respond to them? A non-traditional look at Jesus and the world

Bourgeault, Cynthia: The Wisdom Jesus

  • A fresh look at Jesus as a visionary and teacher of transformation

Tutu, Desmond: God has a Dream

  • Dear Child of God – God has a dream that includes you.

Taylor, Barbara Brown: Leaving Church

  • A memoir of her spiritual transition from traditional worship to finding God all over again.
  • Also, An Altar in the World – ways of discovering God every day, everywhere