Companions Life

An Invitation to become a Companion on the Way.

Some people join Contemplative Fire for a short time while other journey with us for years. Some come alongside as Friends whereas others feel the connection and call to intentionally join us as a Companion on the Way.

If you have made it this far in our website, perhaps you’re being invited to join us in Contemplative Fire’s way of making our world a place of healing and wholeness as Jesus invited us to do.

Here are some questions to help in your discernment if you are a Companion on the Way:

* Do silence, stillness and simplicity attract you?

* Does the thought of encountering God in the present moment resonate with you?

* Does learning about and exploring the Christian mystery engage you?

* Prayer – Study – Action or Being Knowing Doing Do these words resonate with you?

* Do you sense something missing in your worship or spiritual life yet sense there may be vibrancy at the core of the Christian faith?

Our home base is currently in the Toronto area. If you live in the GTA we’d invite you to join one of large group events and then have a meeting with one of our Companions. If you live elsewhere, email [email protected] and we’ll start the process with you via email and skype. We offer a gentle pledge of membership, one that is renewed annually.

We are a community committed to supporting you as you encounter God’s love and grow spiritually. We are excited and refreshed by our experience of building a community of Christ at the edge – and of making a fresh offering of faith into the world.

I hope you will join us.


 Join us in Celebration, stillness, learning and love