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Travelling Light, Dwelling Deep

Welcome to this guide for people who are drawn to the Contemplative Fire community.

Contemplative Fire is an intentional and dispersed community of people who are seeking to be fully present to the Kingdom of God here and now. Contemplative Fire celebrates natural beauty, deep connection and the play of wisdom. We believe that the risen Christ is calling us to ‘travel light and dwell deep’ as his companions on this extraordinary journey. We are woven together through a Rhythm of Life that both grounds us and leads us on our journey.

Our core values include: authenticity, connectedness, spaciousness, simplicity, acceptance, inclusion, respect, and generosity of spirit.

We seek to create a community which is safe and comfortable yet challenging, one that welcomes all who are searching for purpose and meaning in life. The spiritual heart of Contemplative Fire is an adventurous engagement with the Jesus tradition. This is a return to radical simplicity and playful wisdom. We delight in wonder, love and thankfulness. We celebrate creation and natural beauty, and delight in creating space for learning to live into the questions that may never be answered. Our roots are the historical Christian contemplative pathways especially from the Celtic and Eastern Orthodox traditions, and we are open to hearing God’s truth wherever it is found.

While Contemplative Fire Canada also attracts those from different Christian or non-faith backgrounds, it is accountable to and in creative conversation with the Anglican Church. Wherever Contemplative Fire establishes itself as a praying, liturgical community, the blessing of local church leaders is sought.

As you browse our website you will find a compilation of information and resources we hope will be helpful. We invite you to relax, breathe deeply and settle in, not for a quick read, but to reflectively encounter our community. Are there words, phrases, images that speak to you? We’d be delighted to hear from you. Perhaps you are being called to join us on this journey through life as we seek to travel light and dwell deep.


Rev. Anne Crosthwait

Community Leader Canada

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