Space for the Spirit

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I was so moved last week to witness an “ink pressing session” through the Reflected Legacy Training Program at Liverpool Hospital Sydney.

As a practitioner in training I was able to see a session, where the ink pressing artist held space for the story teller and really truly showed care; really truly rejoiced in her.

It was powerful to see, witness and experience.
It struck me how rarely plenty of silences and stillness is allowed in every day lives and exchanges, how important it is to give the Spirit space.
To listen inwardly and outwardly.
To sense.
There was plenty of silence and stillness, and with every story and deep emotion shared, a mark on the page with ink was made, pressing it over, making real the other, validating their experience, holding all that was said as “OK” making no effort to change, react, judge, analyse, interpret, just holding and truly listening, this is the undivided listening space we all crave, to be seen, heard, loved, accepted, and “grown”. Is this not what God gives us?
Come to Me, all those toiling and being burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matt 11:28)
To come as you are.
How often my posture has been to hold myself up and not surrender into the undivided space and love of God.
A reminder to let go and let God flow in.
It also made me wonder, how can I offer others this loving spaciousness?
How often to I tenderly allow plenty of space for them to be who they are?
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