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And He said, “Walk with me.” This is a path of unknowing and knowing, of being loved and loving, of letting go and taking hold. This is an invitation to a radical transformation of consciousness.

Have you been disillusioned or alienated by your experience of religion? Do you sense that there might be a spiritual vibrancy at the core of the Christian path?

Within that wisdom tradition, would you delight in the opportunity to explore mystery and metaphor, presence and parable?

Contemplative Fire is a journey into the present moment, an exploration of a great spiritual tradition as it impacts life in the 21st century.

"This is the path of unknowing and knowing, of being loved and loving, of letting go and taking hold." ~ Philip Roderick

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Way Beyond Religion

Way Beyond Religion

  September 25, 2021
  Starts at 11:45

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    sadness slowly welled up in my heart. A dam can flood land killing ancient trees. Unresolved hurts can flood our soul, causing damage too.
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