Spread the Fire-2

And He said, “Walk with me.” This is a path of unknowing and knowing, of being loved and loving, of letting go and taking hold. This is an invitation to a radical transformation of consciousness.

Have you been disillusioned or alienated by your experience of religion? Do you sense that there might be a spiritual vibrancy at the core of the Christian path?

Within that wisdom tradition, would you delight in the opportunity to explore mystery and metaphor, presence and parable?

Contemplative Fire is a journey into the present moment, an exploration of a great spiritual tradition as it impacts life in the 21st century.

"This is the path of unknowing and knowing, of being loved and loving, of letting go and taking hold." ~ Philip Roderick

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  • Don’t Bother to Open This – Just be Still April 4, 2020
      Are you inundated with email messages right now? From poems, prayers and meditative pieces, to concerts, exercise options and both hilarious and heart-warming videos, there is an unending stream of options flooding into our lives right now. Alone? I’m sure there are many who do feel alone but others say they’re feeling almost overwhelmed […]
  • Early Lessons from the Virus Time March 28, 2020
      Does it feel to you like we’ve been invaded by an alien being from outer space? Our world has been shaken upside down in the last few weeks as the coronavirus, it’s containment and fear has spread around the globe. I know there are always lessons to be learnt from life, so I’ve begun […]
  • In Unprecedented Times March 22, 2020
      There are always lessons to be learnt in life. I had begun to reflect on lessons from our shared virus experience, but I decided this morning to save those for another time. I found a poem that I would rather share with you. It’s by John O’Donoghue from ‘To Bless the Space Between Us’. […]